Fresh Out-of-the-Box

My students could not wait to use their new tablets, but there was some work that had to be done before that much-anticipated moment!  I needed to catalog the tablets and assign a number to each one.  This was easy as every student has a classroom identification number.  I made a label with last names and ID numbers.  I took a photo of each box with their last name and number.   This allowed me to store the boxes and remember which tablet belonged with which box.  I then attached the labels to the back of the Nexus 7 tablets.  After attaching the label to the tablet, I took a simple colored dot with the ID number written on it and attached that to the box.  (This was cheaper than using label tape!)  Beth and I also opted to leave the clear plastic film on the tablets to help protect the screens for as long as possible.  We shall see how long this packaging film lasts as our screen protector!

They were now ready to be turned on and used, as there was about enough battery life to get them started.  Since the students had already set-up their Google accounts the week before, it was a simple step to just have them turn on their tablets and enter their information.  It was that easy, and trust me, if a second grader can do it, anyone can!  Oh, there were a few who had to try it a few times, but it really was easier than I thought it was going to be.

We knew that this was going to be an exciting afternoon for them after this was all done.   Beth and I knew that as soon as everyone was logged on and ready, we had to let them take the tablets for a test drive.  The first place all of my second graders wanted to visit was Google Earth!  It was a simple and easy first task.  Most of them wanted to find where they lived.  (Thank goodness they all knew their addresses otherwise this would have been a very LONG afternoon!)  After they found their neighborhoods and located their houses, they decided to visit different countries.  They went to the world map in our classroom and found the places they wanted to see.  By the end of the class period, every continent had been visited.  I think the most exciting moment that I captured was when two students found out that they could visit Paris!  Their reaction says it all!

Other reactions on their travels for the afternoon…

Beth and I explored along with the students as they visited more places of interest.

This was a great first lesson with our new Nexus 7′s.   Just another happy day in Mrs. Stewart’s second grade!

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  1. Bill

    I’m thinking of repeating 2nd grade. Is there room in your class?

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