They Arrived!

Who knew that I would be so blessed to begin this year with the exciting task of teaching my students with a classroom set of Nexus 7 tablets?  They have finally arrived, and I can’t believe how my second grade students have embraced this new piece of technology into their day.  I never doubted them, but I was so surprised as to how they handled them and took over to help each other out when it came to turning them on for the first time to adding new apps.  There does not seem to be a learning curve whatsoever!  I, too, have become quite proficient in taking on the job as novice technology instructor when my dear friend and colleague, Beth Mossholder, is not teaching our technology class every Thursday.  We are all happily taking on new responsibilities and roles since we received the Nexus 7 tablets from the Ed Tech Team.

The day they arrived has to probably be one of the most exciting days so far for my second graders, as well as for myself and Beth.  The important phone call finally came from the office that the UPS truck and deliveryman had arrived.  I announced it to the class that the Nexus 7’s were finally at school.  We had been tracking them closely as they made their stops at various checkpoints from Tennessee to Colorado thanks to UPS and their online tracking system!

I quickly got the students to line up; how I did that I will never know!  I went two doors down from my classroom to get Beth as my second graders followed me like little ducklings all in a row.  We started to hurry down the long hallway when hurrying turned into something similar to running.  The chatter of  happy voices disturbing every classroom along the way was priceless!  Little faces peered out from behind classroom doors as we made our way to the school office.  We arrived and saw someone patiently waiting for us!

As we all know, these guys are pretty busy, so a photo opportunity was costing him some precious delivery time.  He was a good sport through it all, and the kids and I thanked him for delivering our much-anticipated tablets!

We carefully brought them back to my classroom for the reveal!

They were carefully placed for all to see…

I had to get in the fun of it all…

A student volunteered to lend a hand at taking a photo…

The first box was opened…

I believe that the smiles on this very happy group of second graders says it all!

Beth and I were pretty excited, too,  as you can see from a photo taken by one of my students!

The fun has just begun!

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  1. Love this Julie, thanks for sharing. I hope that you’ll share your experiences with the Nexus Tablets. I’ve never heard of a classroom using 1 to 1 Android tablets and at half the cost of Netbooks I’m very interested to see how things go :-)

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